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April 8, 2003
Tommy's latest album Soul Food Taqueria

Thurs. June 13th, 2002

Man o’ man, tons of stuff going on right now. We hope that you will all be stoked to hear some of this crazy shit……

It’s been close to 20 friggin years, and the Free Beer boys, Tony & Tommy Guerrero, Mike Cassidy, Dan Magee and Stephen ‘Omar’ Tatum, are finally putting out a full-length record? Damn. That’s right. All those garage days driving the family neighbors, and clubs crazy so long ago is finally paying off. (Well sort of)

Somehow the boys managed to talk our old pal Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s-ouch, sorry Jello) & Uli Elser (ATR’s very General Manager) at Alternative Tentacles Records to put this old stuff out. (OK, we know that you know, but…Shhh, don’t tell em’ that we basically just flubbed our way through this, OK?) As a matter of fact, a collective of some of the old skate rock guys sold the whole idea of putting out a series of Skatepunk music based on the OG Skaterock of yester year. Skatepunk Series 1,2 & 3. Free Beer, Drunk Injuns, and Los Olvidados. These should hit stores in mid July 2002, so go out and buy one, or 2 or…..For info on where to purchase it on-line go to www.alternativetentacles.com or use yer favorite search engine to find other places to purchase it at. Yeah, you can also get it at Amazon.com

Tony has been busy over the last couple of years or so searching/gathering up any old tapes he could dig up and archiving them with the help of Tom Mallon. Tom literally had to bake them from becoming mush in order to transfer them to some sort of an audible format for Tony to be able to work with-20 years and beer soaked analog tape makes for an interesting sound, hmmm… With the help of our long time pals; Bryce Kanights, Keith Meek, Mofo, Drobble and Mike ‘Footplant" Cassidy, we managed to muster up a logo, (Steal) enough photo’s and skate video, some stuff archived from Mother Guerrero’s vaults- (Thanks for making the cover art stuff Mom) and the inside help from the ATR Crew, Jesse, Makio, & Michelle we got enough junk for a full-length record with tons of cool music, pics, news, PR and other info. The Beer Boyz also had enuf teknologicccall skils ta even assemble this here new Free Beer website. www.freebeer1981.com & www.mp3.com/FREE_BEER_1981

(1981; The year we formed) Mike has done a helluva job editing a couple of old Free Beer classic tunes to digi-video. Songs like ‘Start the Ark’ (About the 82’ rains and mudslides of Santa Cruz & Marin) has some current live footage, old still shots, and ‘pilfered still shots of the heavy rains and mudslides of the time, and ‘Pigs in Space’ with really old skate footage always makes for a fun time. (Go ahead laugh at our hair and shorts.) My money or my Car even has a new video with some funny stuff in it (Ya gotta download this one!).

Other props: Since Omar (Orig. Free Beer drummer boy) has been MIA and not very reachable (Heard he’s been doing Top Secret work for the US Gov. – Look out Bin-Laden!) and not so sure if his chops were up or not, our old pal Screwy Louie (MCM & The Monster & Vain) has been sitting in on drums with us for gigs. Louie laid down some much-needed drums tracks to complete the project. All in all there are 15 songs on the CD. 12 Studio tracks and 3 live from the Eastern front gig in 82’? Includes some live out takes (Mostly noise) from the On Broadway in SF, which all in all should make for a fun good ol’ fashioned Drunk Rock record

(™ Bitch! We invented Drunk Rock!). Some of the coolest under 2 minute songs you’ve never heard! (2 minutes was about all we could stand too!)

Check out the links page, this will give you an idea of some the association that we have going on, and all the crap talking bull-dung, mish-mosh made up shit about us going on out there.

Gigs: Free Beer kicks off a record release party in SF and San Jose, It’s gonna be a long week end, you can start yer early alcohol brain soaking long week end session at the Skatepunk party at Bottom of the Hill www.bottomofthehill.com on Wed. July 3rd , and at Plant 51 http://www.plant51.net in San Jose on Friday July 5th. The line-up: Drunk Injuns, Free Beer, Los Olvidados, and someone very special TBA is opening.

Those crazy kooks at Alternative Tentacles also want to see the Skatepunk’ers do an East and West Coast tour as well. Damn, they sure do have some faith, huh? We’ll see what happens on that front, more on that later. (We need to find someone to baby sit the kids and wear the Tommy G. mask – House?) Speaking of House (Limbo Maniacs, MCM & The Monster) we’d like to thank him for sitting in on bass on the EMP/Seattle Skate Rock gig we did last August 2001 while Tommy was rock-star’ing it in Japan. Props to Erik Lannon (American Heartbreak) for drums at the OG Reunion gig we did last July. (See pics in the pics area)

In other sort of related news:

Local SF Native Brethren, Tony & Tommy Guerrero, Mike Brown and Maurice "Drobble" Meyer are opening up a new music rehearsal studio facility in the SOMA area in San Francisco. Audio Box Studios is slated for opening in August 2002. 32 rooms. If ya want specs go to www.audioboxstudios.com for more info.

SF has seen the downside of lack of rehearsal space, and the SF4Q (Subliminal message in there somewhere) Crew means to do what they can to help support live music, art, and alternative culture in SF.

Rock on.

Free Fuckin’ Beer
Contact: freebeer@freebeer1981.com